Max Ahrens

Max is CTO at Zimory, a spin-off of Deutsche Telekom Labs, devoted to create Cloud Infrastructures for Enterprises.

Robert Bandov

Robert Bandov manages Enterprise Accounts at Google Enterprise EMEA.

Uri Budnik

Uri Budnik is the Director of Business Development at RightScale and is a Lightning Talk and Cloudcamp veteran.

Follow him at Twitter: @uribudnik

Chris Boos

Chris is founder of arago AG and a true automation evangelist. His goal is to advance IT operations to a new level by developing an IT Operations Autopilot, which lays ground for dynamic infrastructure services like Cloud Computing.

Read his blog at:
Find his twitter stream at: @boosc

Tim Cole

Tim is Distingushed Fellow, Kuppinger Cole + Partner, Analysts for Digital ID and Identity Management.

Find his personal hompage at:
and follow him at Twitter: @TCole1066

Dr. Ernst

Dr. Stefan Ernst is attorney, focused on computer, trademark and copyright laws.

Arvid Fossen

Arvid is Director of Product Management at Aserver.

Cédric Hüsler

Cédric is director of product marketing at Day.

His personal blog could be found at
Follow him at Twitter: @keepthebyte

Paul G. Huppertz

Paul is an authority in conceiving the reliable delivery of ICT-based Business Support Services (ICTBSS) providing thought leadership in this area. He has created a clear, consistent & concise service specification with 12 standard service attributes.

Find his profile at Xing including some links to some of his interesting articles.

Marc-Philipp Kost

Marc-Philipp Kost is Business Manager VMWare & Cisco at EMC.

Thomas Uhl

Thomas is a Linux and Open Source advocate. He is member of the managing board of the Linux Solution Group (LiSoG) and of board of directors of Grau Data AG.

Read his tweets at: @tuhl

Simon Wardley

Simon works as Software Services Manager for Cacnonical, helping define future cloud computing strategies for Ubuntu. He is a passionate advocate and researcher in the fields of open source, commoditisation, innovation and cybernetics

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or follow him on Twitter @swardley