Preliminary Schedule – CloudCamp Frankfurt 2009

17:00 Doors Open / Networking
17:45 Welcome Note by Chris Boos, Automation Evangelist
17:55 Keynote by Simon Wardley, Canonical, „Cloud Computing – Why IT matters?“
18:15 Lightning Talks

  • Private Clouds, Marc-Philipp Kost, EMC
  • Intro to the LiSoG Open Source Cloud Initiative (OSCI), Thomas Uhl, Lisog
  • Clouds Computing: From Service Design to Service Composing, Paul G. Huppertz, ServicEvolution
  • No Cloud without Automation, Chris Boos, arago



  • The future is (in) the Cloud, Robert Bandov, Google
  • Data-first approach in Cloud Persistance, Cédric Huessler, Day


  • Cloud Computing for Service Provides, Arvid Fossen, Aserver
  • Cumulus, Altocumulus, Cirrus – different clouds for different needs, Max Ahrens, Zimory
  • Stories from the trenches, Uri Budnik, Rightscale
19:30 Unpanel / Agenda Building
20:00 Break and Networking
20:30 Workshops/Sessions
22:00 Wrap-up
22:45 End / Networking